Paglilipat Mula Rewards & Punishment sa An Open Heart

Paglilipat Mula Rewards & Punishment sa An Open Heart

Let's look at the system of reward and punishment as it is practiced among humans. We reward ourselves or others when we judge an action to be 'good'. We punish others or ourselves for something 'bad'. Yet who calls the shots on this? Who is the one qualified to judge? Is our judgment based on what others have told us? Is it based on what we "think" is right based on our past experiences? Is it colored by our own biases and prejudices?

From our individual positions, it is very difficult to tell what the ramifications of an action are. What is good for some may be bad for others. Take the example of the weather: If your laundry is outside drying, then rain may be 'bad' -- but if your garden needs water, then the rain is 'good'. Everything has two sides. What is "good" for one, may not be so for another. When we decide something is good, we do so based on what we know and believe about it... and we may be missing a lot of information.

Blessings sa magkaila

What may seem like a "bad misfortune" today, may turn out, in the long run, to have been a "blessing in disguise". And, in the same way, something that seems to be a wonderful blessing, may turn out to be a tribulation. Many people who have won the lottery thought that all their problems had been solved by this windfall, only to find that while some of their problems might have disappeared, even greater ones were created or came to light.

We often make decisions in life as to whether something is 'good' or 'bad'. On what do you base these decisions? Do you base them on your learned rules of behavior? Do you decide by considering what others would think? Or do you go within and question yourselves as to the appropriateness of your behavior? You are the only one who knows what your motivation was in any particular action. Was your intention laudable in the eyes of your inner truth?

So how do we "know" if something is right? The only true judge as to the 'rightness' of your actions, is you -- or more specifically, your Higher Self. That highest part of you is the only one who can truly know whether your action was for the Highest Good. Are you living out your potential as someone who was 'created in the image of God?' Are you being the best you can be?

Give It All You Got!

The old saying, 'what goes around comes around' is definitely true in the realm of energy. Have you noticed that the more energy you expend doing something you enjoy, the more exhilarated you become? This is only a case of giving something your all, and then being rewarded with vibrant energy and life. When we do something half-heartedly, then we get half-hearted returns... low energy, depression, low motivation, etc.

Many times, it seems as if people go around just doing the minimum that needs to be done, not more. What happened to excellence in being? What about giving your all with enthusiasm and joy? If you're doing something, why do it only half-way? Give it all you got! Get into it completely and do the best you can. Then the Universe will reward you with the exact same you gave out... the best it can.

The whole Universe works on a reward and punishment basis, but not as we usually see it. You are your own judge and executioner. There is no outside judge and jury. There is no one sitting on a throne waiting to reward you or punish you. Whatever you sow, you reap. If you withhold giving your 100% commitment to life, then so shall you reap. If you live like "Scrooge", you get back what you've planted... loneliness, anger, fear, etc.

Being Enthusiastic About Life

You can choose to live life with wholehearted enthusiasm, instead of boredom and humdrum. Get excited about your life, your job and everything around you. Get enthusiastic about what you do. Put some energy behind your words and actions.

You can close the door to fears, anxieties, paranoia, greed, revenge, etc. You can choose to live from the space of an open heart... one which questions as to what the "right" and loving action is.

Open the floodgate to life and love, and then life will open the gate of abundance for you. Love, happiness and material prosperity will be your just return. Give it your best shot and your reward will be of the same intensity... the best.

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